While influencer marketing is held up as one of the most successful ways to grow brand awareness and mindshare, it also holds loads of risk, especially when your brand’s reputation is on the line. 

We’ve all seen the horror stories of working with influencers. Each new offense drives home just how risky influencer marketing can be. 

Gone are the days where a brand misstep is likely to disappear in yesterday’s news. In a digital world, everything has the opportunity to go viral, including a seemingly small misstep.

Maybe the answer is to stick with what used to work – stay off social media, utilize traditional advertising. You can. But in doing so you miss staying relevant. You miss meeting your consumers in the places where they are most receptive to seeing and hearing from you. You miss the power of influencer KLT (Know-Like-Trust) with consumers.

And all the while, your competitors are gaining mindshare so when your consumers are ready to buy they’ve forgotten about you.

be top of mind when consumers buy

But influencer marketing is risky.

Influencer marketing can be risky. We get that. In a digital-obsessed world, online reputation management is more important than ever. So is protecting your marketing investments.  

At Maverick Mindshare we take this very seriously and bake brand protection into every step of our process – from onboarding our clients to influencer and content management all the way through campaign reporting. Every timeline, every email, every Zoom call, every reporting document…in each detail, our goal is to protect you from the internal and external forces that might threaten your brand, vision, and ideas.

influencer marketing is risky

We bake brand safety into every step of our influencer campaigns.

Here are five ways we prioritize brand safety to protect you.


When we run a full-service influencer campaign for you we take approximately 90% of the work off your plate. We know that protecting your time promotes brand safety by removing some of the crunch of “doing it all” so you can better focus on the other marketing initiatives on your plate. 

If you choose to run influencer campaigns in-house, we designed our toolkits to take 50-65% of the work off your plate by creating a fool-proof process–including proprietary playbooks, templates, and checklists–that streamlines your decision-making and communication. This means less time spent in indecision and doubt and more time feeling confident in your next best step…

we protect marketers' time

Financial Investment

Influencer campaigns have impressive ROI all on their own, but our full-service approach squeezes all of the juice out of the lemon.  Our campaigns include optimization reports that deliver qualitative and quantitative analysis so that you can leverage your influencer campaigns to boost the performance of all your other marketing initiatives.

Along with that, both our full-service influencer campaigns and toolkits are designed so you aren’t throwing spaghetti at the wall. We walk you through exactly what the next steps should be so you feel confident in your strategy and best steps forward. 

Our toolkits come with tested and proven processes, best practices, and templates designed by our team, bringing decades of expertise to every asset.

Not only that, but influencer campaigns are the gift that keeps on giving:

  • ROI well beyond end-of-campaign measurement as influencers continue to share their content and increase visibility and reach. 
  • Decreased cost-per-impression and cost-per-engagement over time.
  • Real-time consumer engagement and feedback that gives you critical “voice of consumer” insight.

we protect marketers' budgets

Vision and Ideas

Savvy marketers always need to keep their internal stakeholders in mind when building the business case for their ideas. Pitching influencer marketing can be tricky in the face of several common concerns:

  • Need to prove the value to brand stakeholders, especially when it comes to allocating budget
  • No previous ROI to show as proof it will work
  • News articles about influencers going rogue or ghosting brands
  • Internal teams not fully aligned on KPIs
  • Not enough time and bandwidth to make it all happen

This is where we shine. From our first conversation to wrapping up a campaign report, we support you and your vision. 

We arm you with case studies, consumer journeys, a custom timeline, and more to streamline every step in the process. We keep an eye on best practices as well as running a media audit during your campaigns, to keep your brand ahead of shifting trends and the ever-changing consumer landscape. 

Best of all, when we wrap up a campaign report we give you results in an easy-to-digest deck so every team member and stakeholder evaluating the data can easily understand the success of the campaign. 

we protect marketers' ideas

Brand Reputation: 

We know influencer marketing done “wrong” can significantly hurt a brand’s reputation. 

A hidden advantage to working with Maverick Mindshare is that we carefully infuse each campaign and toolkit with our decades of experience in influencer marketing so you can be confident we are always pointing you (and your campaigns) in the right direction. 

Every decision or recommendation we make has years of testing, context, and most importantly, success behind it.

Along with this, we are “always on”:

  • Tracking the hottest trends
  • Auditing media for developing news
  • Monitoring current campaigns 
  • Staying in close contact with our brand partners to communicate our findings

All to keep a pulse on both opportunities and potential risk so we can address either in real time, before we’ve missed the window.

we protect your brand reputation


Alongside carefully vetted processes and systems, strong relationships with both consumers and influencers are integral to a brand’s reputation – especially online. We put our deep expertise to work in this arena as well. Our campaigns tap into:

  • Strong influencer relationships that we’ve built over time, which allow us to lean on influencer expertise and inspire exceptional performance from them.
  • Our decades of community-building with influencers, during which we’ve earned their trust and good will.
  • Our meticulous vetting process which results in high quality results across the board: influencers, content, channel optimization, and campaign performance.
  • Authentic alignment between your brand and our influencers, which results in long lasting brand loyalty and advocacy.

Are you ready to sidestep risk and tap into the power of influencer marketing with confidence?

Reach out to us to see which of our full-service campaigns or Influencer Marketing Toolkits is the right fit for you.

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