The number one rule in setting up influencer marketing campaigns is to always begin with the end in mind. Most brand managers are excited about working with influencers and tend to rush headfirst into partnership without carefully setting up the campaign strategy. Lack of clarity around what influencers can deliver (or assuming that all influencers and campaigns are equal) frequently leads brand managers to be disappointed in the eventual results of a campaign.

However, it’s not that the campaign didn’t deliver value, it’s that the value wasn’t being measured correctly because the strategy was not lined up to those initial expectations.

Foundations of Campaign Success

At Maverick Mindshare, we establish the foundations of campaign success by infusing each campaign with a 360° perspective on consumers, trends, best practices, and your marketing goals via our suite of strategic assessments (links to articles on influencer calibration and strategic analysis).

The resulting Strategic Roadmap and GO Plan become an essential guide in designing, developing and delivering a successful campaign, culminating in robust reporting once a campaign has wrapped.

Campaign Reporting

Reporting on campaigns kicks off with our team collecting data from participating influencers, which we then catalog, review, and analyze from a top line perspective.

Then, we dig deeper. We analyze trends, insights, observations, anomalies, and unique attributes found in the data and consumer engagement to assemble a comprehensive understanding of the program, results, and our recommendations going forward.

Recommendations and Insights

These recommendations and insights are presented to our clients via a Strategic Brief and Insights & Impact Report. These two reports weave together the full spectrum of metrics, from hard numbers—like reach and engagement—to intangibles such as our proprietary Consumer Sentiment Benchmarking tool. All of our presentations double as “ready-to-deliver” success showcases for our clients to present to their stakeholders.

Once a campaign has concluded, we go the extra mile to make sure our clients understand how the strategy we implemented for their campaign has delivered the impact they were expecting (and beyond!). We slice and dice the data in several formats, from multiple angles, so that everything you need to understand the impact of your investment is at your fingertips and easy to find.

You’ll know exactly how your program performed, how to talk about your success in specific terms with your team, and what your next best steps are. While we’re at it, we’ll help you increase buy-in from the boardroom to increase the budget for your marketing plans.