Influencer marketing is a powerful tool. Enlisting the right influencers for your project is a critical element of your success.

At Maverick Mindshare we take extraordinary care in assembling your team of influencers. We know that only influencers who are already connecting with your ideal consumers in a meaningful way will move the needle on your marketing goals. We also know that a misstep at this point in the program can irrevocably damage the results you’ve invested in, and we know exactly how to avoid early errors and eliminate marketing waste at this stage.

We start with our strategic analysis and roadmap. Through our research and analysis, we create a succinct influencer profile that guides our next steps.

Global Network of Influencers

With that clear profile in hand, we activate our global network of influencers by building and launching a custom application. Highly polished influencers opt-in to the program, providing their professional details and background, including relevant personal statements about their mission and alignment with the program.

Our application is unique in that it offers a preview of the energy and professionalism the influencers will eventually bring to the program (which can be energizing for our clients at this stage as well).

Quality Assurance System Makes the Difference

As the applications roll in, our team goes to work carefully vetting the applicants. This is not a job for AI or algorithms. Our team pores over websites, social media channels, bios, and more to determine who is qualified to participate. Our secret sauce is our stringent, proprietary quality assurance system, that each influencer must pass in order to be added to the team. Once we’ve curated the ideal team, we begin onboarding the influencers.

Our onboarding process establishes guardrails for your brand’s investment. On the administrative side, we handle negotiation, contracting, invoicing, tax documentation, regulatory and global guidelines, and more (taking all of these tasks off of your plate). From a campaign implementation side, we set up project management workflows for communicating with the influencers, including providing brand messaging, answering project questions, sharing assets, and addressing concerns that pop up.

When it is time to move into the implementation phase, we have a finely-tuned team of motivated influencers prepped and ready to bring your campaign to life and deliver over-the-top impact!