Influencers: A Team of Elite Creative Professionals

Working with influencers is like paying bargain basement prices for a team of elite creative professionals to bring your brand to life with consumers. That’s because when influencers partner with your brand, they function very much like individual creative agencies without the bloated agency price tag.

Case in point: influencers in the Maverick Mindshare network have dedicated themselves to developing expertise across a wide spectrum of marketing specialties in order to grow their platforms:

Narrative + storytelling Editorial calendars
Photography Public relations
Video Graphic design
Social media Brand messaging
Community building Consumer education
Content marketing Website design and development
 SEO And more!
Keyword optimization

Each campaign that we run taps into a robust marketing toolkit collectively delivered by each participating influencer. Imagine getting all of that in one campaign, many times over!

Let the Influencers Shine

We stand apart from other agencies by designing and developing client programs with that influencer expertise in mind. In fact, our exceptional results stem from our deeply held belief that the best campaigns allow the influencers themselves to shine and strategically set them up for success.

Beginning with the application stage, we encourage our influencers to engage authentically with the brand/sponsor. When we move into the implementation phase of a campaign, this includes providing tools to support the influencers’ work, in the form of:

Product sampling Store locator/where to buy
Brand messaging Branded experiences
Education/research/studies (links/white papers) Branded events
Brand graphics Access to experts
Brand video And more!
Brand imagery/photos

Then we step back and let the influencers do what they do best: engage their audience.

When done right, this phase of influencer marketing can feel very quiet to our clients. That’s because the influencers are busy combining their creative specialties with our program resources to make magic. And we’re busy monitoring, supporting, guiding, responding, and communicating with the influencers and their specialized content. Which means, each campaign can reach its full potential without trapping our clients in the weeds of micromanagement.