Changing The Game

Maverick Mindshare partners with brand managers and agency directors of global consumer products and services brands to dramatically improve the ROI of their marketing initiatives through leading edge consumer engagement strategies.

We specialize in the development and delivery of strategic solutions that drive dynamic brand growth worldwide.

What separates Maverick Mindshare from other consumer engagement and multi-channel marketing agencies is how we help clients seamlessly navigate the high stakes world of influencer marketing. We tap into our rigorously vetted global resource network to guide all strategic decisions and implementation, and leverage our first party data and consumer insights to optimize a brand’s holistic marketing strategy.

For over a decade, Casey Benedict, founder and CEO, has been recognized as a consumer engagement expert and the strategic consulting and solutions leader to savvy brand marketers of vibrant brands.

Our client brands enjoy outperforming the expected; in awareness, engagement, and demand, resulting in dramatic lift in ROI, year over year.

In addition, brand leaders value our concierge-level guidance, which enables them to drive the narrative, both in the marketplace and in the boardroom.

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Our Mission

We exemplify unparalleled thought leadership in global consumer engagement, by delivering innovative, impactful solutions in tandem with mind-blowing experiences that empower, engage, and elevate individual stakeholders throughout the entire client experience.

Our Leadership

Casey Benedict,
Founder and CEO

The vision for Maverick Mindshare came to Casey in the foothills of the Angeles National Forest, nearly 3,000 miles from home. Invited to speak at a food blogger retreat, Casey witnessed a heated exchange between the blogger audience and a panel of brand managers, and she immediately spotted the opportunity.

She knew she could break the deadlock between these two groups by developing a new approach that reduced the friction and elevated the impact of future partnerships.

Before returning home, Casey had handshake deals with all the brand reps in the room, and in that moment, her groundbreaking agency was born.

She’s been at the leading edge of influencer marketing ever since.

An expert in global consumer engagement, Casey is never satisfied with the status quo, never willing to rest on yesterday’s wins. She leads with innovation and leverages the power of community across the global stage.

She is an opportunity hawk, a fierce advocate for her whip-smart women executive clients, making sure they never again have to settle for half-baked strategy, mediocre implementation, or indecipherable data.

When she’s not helping clients grow their brands, Casey is busy navigating the adventurous waters of raising two teenage daughters. She returned to playing tennis after a 20-year hiatus, quickly gaining a reputation for being a “net monster.” Recently, Casey tried her hand (thumb?) at gardening, her version of which involves sprinkling wildflower seeds and waiting to see what happens.

She holds her BA from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and her MFA from Emerson College.

Heather McCurdy, 
Director of Operations

From the time Heather McCurdy could speak, her favorite word was “Why?” That hasn’t changed. She is an astute observer, whose brain is constantly buzzing about how things work. She’s always weighing out why we do things the way we do them, and why it matters.

As the oldest of 7, growing up all over the rural East Coast (don’t ask her where she’s from: she moved too much to know the answer!), Heather learned to wring the value out of every minute, every decision, and every dollar. As a parent, she applied these talents to simultaneously run a household, a family, and her own blogging business. Over the past decade, she has focused her insatiable “Why?” on the ever-changing landscape of consumer engagement.

Now Heather showers Maverick Mindshare clients and their campaigns with her unique ability to see the people who make up the process. She has a gift for taking all the puzzle pieces of influencer marketing and elegantly fitting them together to create programs that run like well-oiled machines.

Game changing well-oiled machines.

She is a magician, blending proven methods with innovative cutting-edge technologies to perfect winning solutions for brands, influencers, and internal teams.

Heather keeps an eye on the granular details so clients can turn their limited bandwidth to other business challenges. She uses her innate love of information and systems to avoid costly mistakes and to protect clients’ marketing investments, starting with messaging development all the way through to program execution and reporting.

When Heather isn’t immersed in operations oversight, she likes to see the world with her family. She has literally crisscrossed the United States to meet with farmers and share their stories on her blog. She is an avid runner, who will also drive hours for a fresh doughnut. She attracts dreamers in every area of her life and hopes that never stops.

Katherine Pennington,
Project Coordinator

Through each program, Katherine is in close contact with our influencers, making sure our programs stay on track and deliver exceptional results.

Forrest Wilsey,
Data Analyst

Forrest dives into the data–both across the digital landscape as well as within our own programs–to deliver a clear picture of program performance and future potential.

Vicky Szuflita,
Graphic Designer

Vicky brings our data and insights to life through vibrantly designed reports and roadmaps.

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